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Our Story

"I had a strong appreciation of Brazilian cuisine, developed while living in Latin America for 4 years, and strengthened by my yearly trips to Rio de Janeiro to visit my father. We knew that the palates of SF foodies were evolving. Sophisticated diners were slowly broadening their interest in Latin American cuisine to countries throughout Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and more! So we decided to create a concept inspired by simple, traditional dishes popular in Latin America.."

Tell us about Artesano's unique flavors...

"We are proud to be small business owners. San Francisco foodies have expectations that make it exciting to create a new restaurant concept in the city. We began experimenting in the kitchen. We had a lot of fun! We found common culinary themes unrestricted by borders. We picked popular Latin American specialties to which we added our own unique twists, making them crave-able and easily appreciated by our customers."

Focus on Health...

"Artesano is proud to offer healthy fare to all guests. We use simple wholesome ingredients and buy organic, locally sourced produce. We serve all-natural hormone and antibiotic-free meats, and wild-caught seafood. Our menu introduces flavorful vegetarian dishes and most items on the menu are GLUTEN-FREE"